Master's degree in olive and olive oil production

The Master’s Degree in Olive and Olive Oil Production at UJA will train you as a professional with extensive knowledge of the olive and olive oil sector, equipping you to make decisions on how best to develop and modernize olive and olive oil production.


Title of Expert in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting

The sensory evaluation of food is a basic activity of humanity based on the acceptance o rejection of food according to sensations when observing or eating it. Thus, SENSORY QUALITY can be defined as the aspects of food quality that directly affect the consumer’s reaction.

In this course, the bases of sensory analysis and its methodology are exposed, applying them to virgin olive oils from a theoretical-practical point of view, analyzing factors, positive and negative attributes that define the sensory quality of olive oils and their relationship with the cultivation and elaboration processes, as well as with other general physical and chemical parameters of quality control.


Doctoral studies in Olive Oils

Become a qualified researcher in the field of olive grove and olive oil under the supervision of world-wide acknowledged scientists.

This doctoral programme is based on research lines carried out by teaching and research staff that will be in charge of supervising your research work. The mentor (who may also be your supervisor or a different member of the PhD programme) will guide you through the training activities of the programme.

While the mentor must belong to the university´s permanent staff that participates in the doctoral programme, the thesis supervision can be assigned to any person participating in the programme who is in possession of a PhD degree and has a qualified research experience, either from inside or from outside of the university.

Research topics:

student opinions

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