Mission and Vision

INUO was created with a twofold objective: to carry out cutting-edge research to address the global needs of the olive grove and olive oil sector, and to contribute to meeting the needs of the economic agents in the agricultural, industrial and environmental production sectors that are potential users of this research. As a University Institute, INUO also has extensive educational work and is a reference centre for the training of both scientists and technicians in all fields related to the olive grove and olive oils.

INUO is a reference at an international level as a leader in research and innovation in its field, and in line with the demands of the current situation of the sector, INUO proposes a series of strategic lines of action that support its Strategic Research Plan for the next four years:

  1. Generation of knowledge. Development of the Institute as a renowned center for the promotion of quality fundamental and applied research, which will consolidate its position as an international leader.
  2. Training and attracting researchers. Strengthening of the Institute and its researchers as a reference for the development and provision of specialized training and postgraduate education. Furthermore, to reinforce the role of the Institute as a center for national and international doctoral training.
  3. Internationalization. Strengthen and consolidate the Institute international leadership, strengthening collaboration with the most relevant research entities.
  4. Innovation and transfer. The Institute aims to support the economic and social transformation of its environment through the promotion and transfer of the research carried out, which supports the improvement of business competitiveness and enhances its international image as a technological benchmark.
  5. Promotion and dissemination of research. The Institute aims to bring science closer to society, collaborating with all educational levels to disseminate research, bringing the latest advances to the public and making the research visible in the media.
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