Facilities -
University of Jaén

Some facilities of the University Institute for Research in Olive Grove and Olive Oils (INUO) are in building C6 of Las Lagunillas Campus (Jaén, Jaén), distributed on the first and second floors as follows:

  • Sample Preparation Laboratory (C6-113)
  • Ecology Laboratory (C6-114)
  • Biochemistry-Cellular Stress and Genomics Laboratory (C6-211)
  • Bioinformatics Laboratory (C6-212)
  • Health and Epidemiology Laboratory (C6-215)
  • Sample conservation area (C6-214)
  • Administration Unit (C6-208)
  • Meeting and management room (C4-006)

Sample Preparation Laboratory (C6-113)

Supercritical Fluid Machine
Gas Chromatography
Mass spectrometry

Ecology Laboratory (C6-114)

Freeze dryer
Rotary evaporator
Shaking bath
Orbital shaker
Muffle Furnace

Biochemistry-Cellular Stress and Genomics Laboratory (C6-211)

Shaking incubator
Laminar flow chamber
pH Meter
Binocular loupes

Health and Epidemiology Laboratory (C6-215)

Fume Hood
Inverted Microscope

The Research Units share their facilities and resources, such as the laboratories of the Departments to which they belong and the Servicios Centrales de Investigación Científica (SCAI) Central Services for Scientific Research (SCAI). This latter provides scientific and technological R+D+i support services to researchers of the University of Jaén, but also to external users, institutions and public or private entities. Currently, the SCAI have 2 centers:

Centro de Producción y Experimentación Animal (CPEA)  The Animal Production and Experimentation Centre: focused on the experimentation with animals under controlled conditions and/or with specific technical requirements (NCB2/3, GMOs type II).

Centro de Instrumentación Científico-Técnica (CICT)  The Scientific and Technical Instrumentation Center: oriented to the development of tests and scientific-technical studies with own instrumental resources.

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