Investigation programs

INUO promotes interdisciplinarity and high scientific specialization through the integration of research groups from very diverse areas of knowledge related to research on olive groves and olive oils.

This aims to develop a set of research and transfer programs based on the already consolidated research experience of its members and within a broader project that integrates the existing lines of research, generating broad Strategic Research Areas in which they work collaboratively. interdisciplinary promoting research groups:

Strategic research areas
PAIDI Groups

Quality and elaboration of olive oils

FQM-323  |  TEP-138  |  TEP-237  |  TEP-250

Olive oils and health

BIO-286  |  BIO-258  |  CTS-435  |  CTS-442

By-products and waste: environmental management

Commercialization and marketing of olive oils

SEJ-315  |  SEJ-142  |  SEJ-289

Olive grove and environment

BIO-349  |  BIO-286  |  BIO-258  |  AGR-232  |  TIC-215  |  RNM-350

Agri-food technology

TEP-138  |  TEP-237  |  TEP-250    |   AGR-230

Food safety in the production of olive oils

TEP-138  |  TEP-237  |  FQM-323  |  TEP-250
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