The 19th edition of the Title of Expert in Virgin Olive Oil Tasting ends

Juan Gómez Ortega, Rector of the University of Jaén, has closed the 19th edition of the Expert Title in Tasting of Virgin Olive Oils 2022, of which he explained that this year there have been thirty participants from the main producing countries or consumers such as Tunisia, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco or Georgia. Likewise, the Rector highlighted the continuous support received by the International Olive Council for this title, taught through the UJA Institute for Research in Olive Groves and Olive Oils.

The closing ceremony also featured speeches by Lhassane Sikaoui, head of the Olive Growing, Oil Technology and Environment Unit of the International Olive Council; Sebastián Sánchez Villasclaras, professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Jaén and co-director of the Specialization Diploma, and Marino Uceda Ojeda, technical director of the Specialization Diploma. Sebastián Sánchez pointed out that, since it was given, this training, the most international given by the UJA, has trained more than 500 tasters from around 64 countries.

The 19th edition of this title, which began last September and which has been taught bilingually, Sebastián Sánchez indicated that “the objectives set have been met”. In this way, the theoretical bases of sensory analysis and its methodology have been exposed, applying them to virgin olive oils from a theoretical-practical point of view, analyzing the factors, positive and negative attributes that define the sensory quality of the oils and its relationship with the cultivation and manufacturing processes, as well as with other general physical and chemical parameters of quality control. The complete course, corresponding to 350 hours, has been developed in 6 modules of approximately 60 hours. The students have had the option of carrying out each of the modules independently, being awarded a diploma for the part of the course that has been taught and the students who have completed and passed the 6 modules receiving the Expert Title in Olive Oil Tasting. Virgin Olive.


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