Doctoral Conference of the Doctorate Program in Olive Oils

On November 29, the doctoral conference called: “Research in olive oils, multidisciplinary aspects and opportunity for coordination” took place in the purple room of Building C1.

This conference was directed and coordinated by Ramón González Ruiz, coordinator of the Program and member of the INUO Ecology Unit.

First of all, the professors of the lines of the Doctoral Program intervened, where the lines and research projects developed in recent years were presented, with their main achievements. All the teachers who participated are members of INUO and are:

  • Olive Oil and Health Line: José Juan Gaforio Martínez, professor of Immunology and head of the INUO Health and Epidemiology unit.
  • Line of Agro-food Technology, Quality and Production of Olive Oils: Sebastián Sánchez Villasclaras, professor of Chemical Engineering and head of the INUO Process Engineering unit.
  • Line of Sustainability in the olive grove, management of by-products and waste. Roberto García Ruíz, professor of Ecology and head of the INUO Ecology unit.
  • Line of Agro-food Technology, Quality and Production of Olive Oils: Bienvenida Gilbert López, researcher at the INUO Analytical Chemistry unit.

Subsequently, the intervention of the students took place, with the presentation of their research work. They were:

  • Sofia Jury Contreras. Use of olive grove residues for the development of composite materials.
  • Fahd Mnasser. Use of wastewater from mills as a nutrient medium in the production of microalgae biomass for obtaining biodiesel
  • Alfonso Fernandez Garcia. Advanced mass spectrometry for the evaluation of organic micropollutants derived from olive cultivation in the Guadalquivir basin.
  • Akram CHARFI. Food Safety in the Production of Virgin Olive Oils.
  • David Rosa Sandeo thank you. Filtration of virgin olive oils: Effect on its physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics.
  • Fatima Ezzahra, Mahsoun. Market orientation of Moroccan organizations towards the European Union market (Olive Oil Marketing).
  • Fadoua ELHADDAD. Effect of olive grove soil management on soil properties and the agronomic performance of olive tree according to a North-South rainfall gradient.
  • Gustavo Francisco Ruiz-Cátedra Jerez. Study of soil quality in Andalusian olive groves: an integral approach.
  • Alpizar Padilla Catalina Rosalba. Digital positioning of companies dedicated to oil tourism.

The Conference concluded with some conclusions and a discussion on the opportunity and convenience of intercollaboration in the development of current and future Doctoral Thesis within the lines of the INUO.

José Juan Gaforio Martínez
Sebastián Sánchez Villasclaras
Roberto García Ruíz
Bienvenida Gilbert López
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