The IOC will celebrate World Olive Day in Jaén

The global development of the olive sector will be the focus of the International Olive Council’s (IOC) annual meeting in Madrid, Spain, which begins in the second half of November. In a series of events, including a plenary session of representatives of all 18 IOC members, the council will release its updated data about the ongoing trends in the sector, including production consumption and trade data for olive oil and table olives.

Among the activities planned for November 29th, local authorities in Jaén invited the IOC on a technical visit to the province, the world’s most significant olive oil-producing region. In Jaén, the meeting of the IOC advisory committee, the plenary session and the Mario Solinas Quality Awards awards ceremony will also occur.

The IOC will also celebrate World Olive Day on December 1st. During the celebrations, a technical seminar will be held about the role of olive growing in terms of sustainability, quality and health. In addition, the signing of the agreement between the INUO and the IOC regarding sustainability will be presented. The World Olive Day program is:


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