European Commission recognises the highest distinction of excellence to Andalucía Agrotech DIH

The European Commission has designated the ‘Andalucía Agrotech’ project as the first officially recognised ‘European Digital Innovation Hub’ (EDIH) in the region, thus, belonging to a European network of excellence that enhances the digital transformation of SMEs. The project is promoted by 27 entities, included the INUO, and is led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the Junta de Andalucía.

The Project is funded through the Digital Europe Programme, given an initial amount of 4.5 million euros and a duration of three years. Its goals are to respond the needs of Andalusian agri-food sector by offering services aimed at technological development, training, funding and opening innovation. This funding will support financial support of companies for all those services.

This appointment as EDIH by the European Commission represents a spearhead in digital innovation in Andalusia and the achievement of the highest quality hallmark at a European level for an innovation ecosystem.

In addition, this distinction will reinforce the recognition and internationalization of Andalusian digital innovation. It will also facilite access to experience, knowledge and technology from the cooperative mechanisms of the new network of excellence at the service of Andalusian SMEs to advance in their digital transformation.

The project will strengthen the business network through technological innovation, digital skills training at different levels, the promotion of entrepreneurship, the support for funding and the creation of alliances and collaboration networks, as the Digital Europe programme advocates.

The services and actions within this framework are also in accordance with the European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork Strategy and the new Common Agricultural Policy. Therefore, they favour a path towards efficient, sustainable and joint management of resources.


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